Santa's Sleigh 2017 - The Routes

Week 1 - Barton Lions Club

Mon 11th

Tue 12th

Wed 13th

Thur 14th

Fri 15th

Sat 16th

Weeknights 6.00pm to 7.30pm

Pasture Road

Pasture Rd Sth

Lower Meadows

Nursery Close

Butts Rd


Newport street

Queens St.

Caistor Road

Eastfield Road

Lodge Avenue

Park View

Queen Elizabeth way

Caistor Road

Princess Drive

Meadow Drive

Oak Drive

Dam Road

Farings Road

Pine Park

Humber Road

Haven Road

Ramblers Lane

Sandpiper Way

Warblers Close

Lapwing Way

Kingfisher Close

Goosander Close

Westfield Road

Regency Court

Western Drive

Ponds Way

West Acridge

CastleDyke West

Maltkiln Road

Manilla Lane

Loyalty Lane

Falklands way

Kiegar Estate

10am to 4pm


For questions re Lion's routes above please contact us via facebook @barton.lions

For questions re Rotary's routes and areas below please contact  

Week 2 - Barton Rotary Club

Mon 18th

Tue 19th

Wed 20th

Thur 21st

Fri 22nd

Sat 23rd

Weeknights 6.00pm to 7.30pm

Ramsden Ave

Grange Avenue

Tofts Road


Appleyard Drive


Harvest Rise

Fox’s Fold






AM - Co-op

PM - South Ferriby


 Thank you all as always for your support and donations.  The total raised last year was over £1,000 and
was put to good use this year.  If you know of someone local or a cause / club in need, then please
contact us so we can hopefully help.

This year Lions will be out with Santa from Monday 11th December to the Saturday 16th at Tesco

This will be our last big fundraiser till the beer festival next year so we hope to make it a good one,
what we have will have to last till then to help those in need.

We do our best to get Santa to all, or at least a street near all.  Please note whilst
we aim to reach all of the town, it is not possible to reach every door, so we will try and be near you all on our routes.
Listen out for the music, we may be at the end of your street, so come down see Santa, who will have plenty
of goodies for the children, and young adults!  We will be at Tesco on Saturday so if you miss
Santa during the week, we hope to see you there.

Barton Lions and Santa's helpers will be out rain or snow, for our annual Christmas collection, in a street near you.
Please give generously as all funds go to our Charity fund.  All donations, large or small as always,
go in to the charity pot for sharing out to deserving causes and groups.

Santa is out with Barton Rotary the week following Lions so should get to streets/areas
not covered by us, as we do share Santa the two weeks between the two clubs.

Thank you all in anticipation for your support and donations.

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