Comedy Variety Night at Queen's Club, Barton

A fundraising night (2012)

Presented by Barton Lions Club and Barrow Meridian Rotary Club.

Thank you all for coming to an amazing evening of fun, laughter and variety.

A very special comedian, Mr Joey Howard:

Probably the best way to describe Joey Howard is that he has to be one of the most enduring and versatile comedians of our time.
He invites the audience to join him in his zany world of observation and mimicry.
Chasing them on a 'roller coaster' ride, they quickly engage with the energy and versatility he exudes, until finally they are 'captured'!
His lively one-hour (plus) show displays his talents in full.
Containing, comedy sketches, musical routines, impressions and much more.
"Always leaving his audience gasping for breath".
Indeed if "laughter makes the world go round" then Joey Howard claims responsibility for his part.